D&K Craft – our company

D&K Craft is a service and manufacturing company having on its offer a vast range of products and services. We make a good team of people who value honesty, reliability and prompt completion of all our orders. Work is our passion and a satisfied client our goal. Our ambition is to become an indisputable leader on Polish and European markets. Our products and services are always of the highest standards and our attractive prices and cooperation terms win over for us corporations, wholesale companies as well as individual customers. In our offer you can find ecological products made from natural materials which boast high originality and aesthetics. Not infrequently they are recycled from raw materials which, but for us, would land in refuse dumps. We make our products together with the best specialists and artists who care for their exceptional and unique character. We have utter confidence that our products, professionalism as well as great respect for each client will give you complete satisfaction from mutual cooperation.


D&K Craft
Grabieniec 60b
62-700 Turek